BilcoArmor® is our new protection made of high performance intumescent paint applied directly on a steel sheet/mesh. It has a prefabricated design and consists of different modules joined together by stainless steel hose clamps or eccentric locks; perfect to protect any type of instrumentation even with many accessories or complex geometries


BilcoFlex® is an effective method of protection devices controlling a plant, which allows minimizing the danger and damage caused by fire in a refinery, oil platforms, petrochemical, thermal power, electrical, shipbuilding and defense plants.


Flexible jackets are an innovative and future product, however, Bilco does not neglect other types of fireproof protection systems.
For example: The traditional rigid box BilcoShield® in AISI 304 or 316, certified UL 1709 also up to 30 minutes by Lloyd’s Register, and to which BILCO dedicated special studies and applied innovative solutions making it technologically advanced and equipped with different optional possibilities. 


High performance system for thermal insulation up 400 C° and acoustic insulation for industrial, energy, naval and automotive fields; flexible with easy assembling and disassembling.
This protection system can offer customized and economical solution offering high quality insulation requiring minimum maintenance.